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At Febru Linguistics we are committed to preserving the features of your product and/or service, while making it accessible to specific localities that you choose to target. Our website, software and app localisation services are outstanding and reach the target audience in the best possible way.

Our Services

In today’s digitally-empowered word, accuracy is never underrated – we at Febru Linguistics have internalized this and hence are able to deliver a comprehensive array of services for discerning clients. These are the three categories of services that we offer:

  • Language Linkages
  • Film Support
  • Content Design
  • Translation Service

One important feature of all our services is the quality checking mechanism that we have put in place. Irrespective of the service that is offered, we make sure that there are multiple checkpoints to ensure that no error escapes our eye.

English to Tamil Translation Service Providers

Language Linkages

The power and reach of the written and spoken word need to be leveraged to make the maximum impact. Our team of specialists is drawn from a wide array of linguists who are experts not just in their own specific language, but in other associated/target languages as well.

Translation Service

We offer translation services in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati & Bengali. The text could be from any sector and of any size as well. We undertake projects of all sizes and make use of updated software to ensure speed and correctness.


Reliability and prompt delivery mark our transcription services. Since we have a clear procedure of drafting – submission – correction – final output; we are able to present transcripts in a clear and accurate manner, ensuring that our clients keep coming back.

Transcreation Service

This is a service that requires exceptional skills in more than one language. Our experts excel in retaining the tone, flavour, and style of the content, while moving from one language to another, as this is what transcreation is all about. The fields in which transcreation is generally sought are:


This is probably one of the most challenging tasks for a content specialist. Fortunately, our proof-readers have an exceptional eye for detail, picking out even the minutest of errors in voluminous texts.

Language Editing

We believe that it is not enough if proofreading alone is carried out; editing is a natural follow-on which needs to be done with the utmost concentration and precision. Since we have subject specialists, our editing team caters to a wide range of disciplines

Films Support

The film or motion picture industry has seen pivotal changes in genres, tastes, techniques, and technology – we have tried our best to keep up with these changes. Our services are handy to filmmakers looking to connect closely to a wide and discerning audience.

Script Writing

Our script-writing ability is available in multiple languages and serves a varied audience too. Our writers are capable of expressing the thoughts of the filmmaker in concise and appropriate language for the following

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With the reach that platforms have today, films are being viewed by audience who are quite distant from the original film and its premise; it is here that our subtitling experts showcase their language capabilities. We ensure that our subtitles lose none of the nuances of the original

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